We live in a new reality in this world. More and more businesses are being impacted by events that threaten the existence of both people and businesses. Medium and Enterprise businesses spend millions of dollars each year protecting their businesses from what could happen. They hire specialists and contractors, consult industry experts and build multi-million dollar facilities that protect them from the inevitable. But what about the small business owner that doesn’t have millions to invest in business continuity and disaster recovery?

This blog is a place where non-IT people can come, learn and become aware of how to protect their businesses. This blog is designed to educate people about what is business continuity and disaster recovery, how to plan for it and what resources you will need to prepare for what’s to come.

In this blog, you will see several different categories of topics including BC/DR, Product Reviews, and News. 

BC/DR: This category is dedicated to business continuity and disaster recovery articles. This will discuss what they are, how to plan for them, and what technologies can be used to ensure the survival of your business.

PRODUCT REVIEWS: Periodically the Continuity Guy will take a look at technologies that can be used to protect your business. These reviews will be not be biased so the reader can make a decision if this is something to consider.

NEWS: This will report on all things business continuity. Although this blog is not a new agency, it will report on things that could affect our target readers. This will include natural disaster events, technology trends along with the companies that are bringing them forward.

The Continuity Guy is a blog that is dedicated to the education of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR).  This information is free of charge and it is the hope of the publishing author that it will help small businesses and non-IT people to understand that BC/DR is an important and necessary operational component to every business.