Michael Wrightson is a respected expert in the area of IT business continuity and disaster recovery with over 10 years working with or managing products for recovery of critical business systems.

Michael started his IT career in 1999 and after graduating from college and served as an email architect at a major air-conditioning company.

In 2000, Michael moved his family to northern New Jersey where is started in the software business as a pre-sales systems engineer selling Windows infrastructure software.

He continued to advance his career until he became manager of a team of pre-sales engineers for a very large software company for the northeast region of the United States. During this time Michael learned the importance protecting critical IT systems from people who were managing them.

A bit off track but a very important step in Michael’s career development was a move into channel management for a successful security firm where he built a small but growing channel which created millions of dollars in revenue for the company. Through working with these partners Michael, realized that many of the SI (system integrators) were devoting more and more resources to helping their customers build disaster hardened IT environments.

Eventually, by the mid-2000’s, Michael moved back into his first love, sales engineering where he took a position in business continuity and disaster recovery where he sold millions of dollars of software protecting his customers critical IT systems.

Today Michael Wrightson is General Manager for Neverfail which specializes in Continuous Availability Solutions.

With the integration of BC/DR with the cloud, Michael manages solutions that are driving towards unified approaches to BC/DR across many different OS’s, hypervisors and storage platforms.

Michael is also the author and publisher of this blog that provides people with non-IT background with information to enable them to make business continuity decisions for their businesses.

Michael Wrightson can be reached at continuityguyblog@gmail.com or on LinkedIn @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/mwrightson/