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The Real View of a Disaster – Awareness

The Real View of a Disaster – Awareness

In the second article in this series, we will consider how an IT team can create situational awareness during a continuity event. Awareness is defined as “knowledge or perception of a situation or fact”. So knowing something happened doesn’t necessarily mean that people really understand what’s actually happening to their most critical applications and the far ranging implications on the[Read More…]

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A real view of a disaster takes much planning and is process driven.

The Real View of a Disaster – Understanding the Anatomy

In many organizations when a service outage of a mission critical application happens, the priority is to restore business services as soon as possible. Most don’t even think about the process that leads to full recovery. Many organizations have root cause analysis processes but this is only one part of a much bigger process. In practice, they’re many things to[Read More…]